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Jacko - i'm an individual

Conditions: I like to surf my Fever in anything from 2-3 foot softer California style beach break and point break waves, to 6ft+ World Tour style waves, like Snapper, J Bay, Bells, Lowers, Haleiwa, and Backdoor.  I prefer to ride it just above my groveler/small wave board, and all the way until I need a step-up or round tail surfboard.    

Reema: ” I would definitely recommend Jerry to everyone. He has a lot of patience and great teaching tips. He had lots of different methods of teaching from using ipad apps to using diagrams he had drawn, so I think his teaching would work for almost anyone. Jerry teaches you to drive safely, preparing you for actual driving not just how to pass your test. Having said this, he does not waste your time or money, and will try to get you to your test as soon as you are ready. Jerry definitely made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence in my driving ability and I had a really good experience learning from him. Thank you Jerry! ”

Well this is exactly what's wrong with the industry. Men doing ads for the female consumer. If 75% of shoppers are female, how did this creatively and strategically get the go ahead? Please don't try spin some shit about how it does.
It's like a beer ad but for a supermarket.
All the positive comments are clearly from blokes. Woz, Jacko, Groucho, The Don, Onya etc says it all.
I'm sure after I post this the fake female bloggers will come out and try defend it.
A female will never have written this ad!

Jacko - I'm An IndividualJacko - I'm An IndividualJacko - I'm An IndividualJacko - I'm An Individual