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Various - the war mixtape

Cuban Link and Big Pun both made guest performances on The Beatnuts ' single "Off the Books" in 1997. They joined the local rap group Terror Squad , and Link performed on the track "Tell Me What You Want" from the group's self-titled debut album. Link previously did guest appearances on Squad members' solo albums: Big Pun's Capital Punishment and Fat Joe 's Don Cartagena . Cuban Link was signed to Atlantic Records and began recording his debut album 24K . Big Pun died on February 7, 2000, so Link wrote single "Flowers for the Dead" in Pun's honor. [3] However, without Pun's mediation, contract disputes between Fat Joe and Cuban Link and leaks prevented the release of 24K . [4]

The bold declaration originates a conversation our own Rob Keyes and a group of movie journalists had with the powerful Hollywood producer on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 last April. It is here where it was asked what Feige and and co. have learned about creating Marvel movie villains after having gone ‘big’ with Ronan the Accuser in the first  Guardians but much more personal and intimate with Zemo in  Captain America: Civil War .

Various - The War MixtapeVarious - The War MixtapeVarious - The War MixtapeVarious - The War Mixtape